The Logo and Your Identity to the World

Do you have a personal logo, to give your own site or company an identity, to identify with, in searches on the net?

Logo design has come a long way since marketing was invented. As a marketing campaign strategy, a custom logo design is one way of proclaiming to the world that your brand or company exists. It can make or break you and can give you the name the world can identify you with.

The use of logo design has been in effect since time immemorial. It can be remembered that hieroglyphics during ancient times were used to symbolize things in-depth thereby removing the necessity for words, removing the necessity for explanations. It is through the use of well thought off logo designs that companies are able to say a million words with a single symbol or logo.

Logo designs come in varied forms. It may be a simple and quick drawing in black and white or a complex diagram depicting something. A company logo design must proclaim relevance to the world. It must be something that will say something about the company through the use of a single image. Some would say that the simpler the logo is, the better the understanding of what it means. Some would go for complex designs adding words, letters, and numbers to aid in the identification of what the company is.

An online logo design can be made more pleasing to the yes (and exciting too) through the use of motion graphics. Adding motion adds to better recollection of your brand while some may get confused by what you want to convey.

Some small and medium enterprise owners think that logo designs are only for large companies operating on a wider scale than their Small and medium enterprise counterparts. But come to think of it, why would companies invest on a single logo, and often than not, hire a logo designer just to come up with a perfect logo for them that would embody their ideal? They hire a logo designer to come up with a logo to represent a brand or a name and make people remember them just by looking at their logo.

Remember a logo is not just a picture or a group of audio-visual cues, but an idea that is trying to get inside the minds of prospective clients. It is an attempt to convince and an attempt to be remembered.

Come to think of it, logos and brands abound in shelves in supermarkets. And when the time to choose comes between two of the same categories-say two companies selling cereals-which do you think the consumer would pick? A product that has a logo or a product that just has a name and company address on it?

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